Lecture Notes

These lecture notes are available as a reference for those who need them I reccomend using them in conjunction with an actual textbook, but they should be fairly close to the matrial that I use in class. They cover, predominantly, material from the the first two sections of the class, since the material from the final portion of the class may vary due to student interest and time constraints. None the less, some material on tax policy and public goods is provided near the end.

Useful Links

For business students especially, many professors will advise that you keep up with the business news. As a younger student I was usually advised to pick up a subscription to the Wall Street Journal or The Economist but this is no longer necessary. There are a number of excellent free websites which cover business news, my favorite of which is Bloomberg.com. The Economist and the Wall Street Journal also maintain web-sites which can be accessed free of charge. A personal favorite source of business news is the Marketplace Morning Report Podcast which can be accessed on the Marketplace Website.

If you are confused about a particular mathematical method used in class I encourage you to ask me about it. If you would like additional help, an excellent free reference is Khan Academy which provides video tutorials and practice problems on a variety of mathematical questions. In my classes, students most often struggle with forming composite functions, so here might be the best place to start.