Much meaningful economic theory focuses on the behavior of multiple organizations over time. The statistical data such firms will generate is called dynamic panel data. Unfortunately, developing statistical techniques to model the behavior of many groups (for example firms in a market) with complex interrelationships is difficult. A single errant observation can significantly distort the entire statistical model. Handling this problem of robustness using statistical and computational methods is the current focus of my research.


I believe in giving students a solid understanding of mathematics, and prefer to focus on letting students discover mathematical truth as the basis for economic theory. Students in my introductory classes will receive a firm grounding for intermediate and advanced study both in economics and other quantitative fields. This can make classes difficult for students whose technical background is less rigorous, I try to make myself as available as possible for those students who need additional help mastering the quantitative aspect of economic theory.

Other Projects and Hobbies

Every Wednesday, the Campus Beet serves an inexpensive vegetarian lunch in the Wesley foundation building at Western Michigan University. I served in the role of treasurer in that organization for two years, and I remain involved in the organization. I am an avid cyclist, I still ride and maintain the same bike my father assembled out of scrap parts from when I was sixteen. I also enjoy canoeing, and once per year help organize a weeklong trip in Algonquin Provincial Park.